Bridging Loans

If you’re looking for a bridging loan you’ll want to speak to a bridging loan adviser – With access to the best rates in the UK we’re confident we could obtain a bridging loan to suit your needs.

We could help secure your bridging finance with as little fuss as possible, loans can be used for practically any purpose and we can usually give you a decision in principle the same day and complete your application very quickly!

  • Access to some of the best bridging deals in the UK
  • Terms from 3 to 36 months
  • 1st & 2nd charge bridging loans available
  • All circumstances considered

Whatever your requirements, regardless of your circumstances we’d be happy to help.

Bridging Loan Types And Uses

Your needs and requirements will determine the type of bridging loan you apply for, such as a first charge commercial bridge, a development loan or a second charge.

Depending on affordability and how the loan is to be repaid there may also be ‘roll up’ and ‘retained interest’ options available. These allow the monthly interest payments to be added to the loan so no monthly payments are made, they will be repaid when the loan is redeemed – which could be useful if monthly budgeting is a concern. The equity, credit status, affordability and type of security to be used, could all have an affect on what a lender may offer and the loan term available. Generally speaking the more equity,  the better the exit strategy and the better ones credit, the better the deal available.

Bridging loans are fairly flexible products and can be used for practically any purpose:

  • Bridging a mortgage completion gap
  • Purchasing properties at auction
  • Conversions or refurbishment
  • Land or property development
  • Re-bridge your existing loan on better terms
  • 100% funding with additional security

The Bridging Loan Process

The process for a bridging loan application has been made as easy as possible and whilst simplified, a bridging loan application would involve the following:

  1. Initial enquiry and relevant information taken
  2. Decision in Principle is obtained
  3. Application submitted
  4. Underwritten to completion
  5. Bridging loan funds are released

Depending on the nature and complexity of your enquiry the first 2 steps could be completed in a few hours, with steps 3 to 5 taking anywhere from 1 week to a few months.

When speaking about bridging loans, you may hear people talk about an ‘exit strategy’, this is the way in which a bridging loan is to be repaid, usually they are repaid from the sale of a property or refinancing.

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