In today’s world of finance and credit commitments it’s becoming more and more important to protect your finances, your home and your loved ones with the appropriate insurance cover such as:

  • Building and contents
  • Landlords Insurance
  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance
  • Family Income Benefit Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Whole if Life Insurance
  • Key Person and Shareholder Insurance

As a whole of market insurance broker, we could help you source competitive, comprehensive insurance products from the leading insurance and life assurance companies, to help protect your finances and your family.

Mortgage Payment Protection

A mortgage is typically the largest investment a person will make, with that in mind it is important to ensure adequate precautions are met to ensure your mortgage payments can be maintained should you be unable to work due to unemployment or illness. Mortgage Payment Protection insurance is designed just for this purpose.

There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance [Short-Term Income Protection] and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at

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For Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance, based on a 30 year old male, a typical cost per £100 of cover would be £4.03 per month. This is based on a 30 day deferred period.

Life Insurance

Life cover is there to help your loved ones manage financially should the worst happen. There are different types of policies available to cater for most needs. For homeowners the life cover would usually cover the complete repayment of the mortgage upon death of those insured. For instance if you have a £200,000 mortgage, the life cover would normally be for that amount which would be used to repay the full mortgage upon death.

Critical Illness Cover

This type of insurance could pay out a lump sum should you be diagnosed with a critical illness. The types of critical illness covered by policies will vary from insurer to insurer, but generally they will include certain forms of cancer and heart conditions. As with life insurance, if you have critical illness cover of £100,000, it could pay out that amount in a lump sum, most will pay out upon diagnoses of a critical illness. In many cases critical illness cover and life cover can be taken out on the same policy, which could help reduce monthly premiums. When considering critical illness cover, it is important to ensure you understand which illnesses are covered and which are not. Once you receive the paperwork it may be beneficial to speak to a medical consultant.

Income Protection

Income Protection gives a monthly income should you be able to earn money due to accident or sickness. It will typically cover up to 65% of your monthly income, safeguarding your monthly finances should you be unable to work. To find out more have a look at what is Income Protection Insurance.

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder Protection Insurance is used to protect a company, it’s shareholders and a shareholders family should they pass away or be unable to work due to a critical illness. In the event of death, it will typically provide a lump sum payout upon the death of a shareholder allowing the company to buy back the shares from the deceased family. In the event of a critical illness, again, it will provide a lump sum to buy out the ill shareholder, if the ill shareholder wishes to do so. As with most protection products there are various ways these insurance products can be set up which will give both parties various options in the event of a critical illness – Typically held in trust, Shareholder Protection is a vital protection product for any company wanting to protect the way the company is run and to shareholders who wants to ensure that they and their families are protected should the worst happen.

Landlords Insurance

Landlords insurance is specially designed to provide buildings insurance where you have a property being  rented out under a tenancy agreement. This would typically be termed as a buy to let property. A buy to let property should be insured with some form of landlords insurance which differs to standard building and contents insurance.

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