£650,000 to £690,000

If you are looking to borrow money for a mortgage or loan we have various examples to give you an idea of the possible monthly payments. Please contact us for a detailed illustration tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

mortgage remortgageThe links above show more detailed loan tables for specific mortgage amounts for our most popular types of mortgage products and below we have listed brief mortgage and loan repayment examples for £650,000 to £690,000 showing interest rates of 4.19%, 4.55% and 5.9% over 12, 15, 22 and 25 years.

12 years
4.19%£5,751 pm£5,840 pm£5,928 pm£6,017 pm£6,105 pm
4.55%£5,866 pm£5,956 pm£6,047 pm£6,137 pm£6,227 pm
5.9%£6,309 pm£6,407 pm£6,504 pm£6,601 pm£6,698 pm
15 years
4.19%£4,870 pm£4,945 pm£5,020 pm£5,095 pm£5,170 pm
4.55%£4,989 pm£5,066 pm£5,143 pm£5,219 pm£5,296 pm
5.9%£5,450 pm£5,534 pm£5,618 pm£5,702 pm£5,785 pm
22 years
4.19%£3,773 pm£3,831 pm£3,889 pm£3,947 pm£4,005 pm
4.55%£3,901 pm£3,961 pm£4,021 pm£4,081 pm£4,141 pm
5.9%£4,402 pm£4,469 pm£4,537 pm£4,605 pm£4,673 pm
25 years
4.19%£3,499 pm£3,553 pm£3,607 pm£3,661 pm£3,715 pm
4.55%£3,631 pm£3,687 pm£3,743 pm£3,799 pm£3,855 pm
5.9%£4,148 pm£4,212 pm£4,276 pm£4,340 pm£4,404 pm

With access to the whole mortgage market & industry leading technology we’re able to offer advice tailored to your needs, preferences & budget.

We have access to products including 2nd charge homeowner loans, buy to let mortgages, bridging loans, commercial and residential mortgages, loans can be used for practically any purpose although the interest rate offered could vary depending on what you want the funds for. Your credit rating and the loan to value required could also have an affect on monthly repayments – with each case being judged on its own merits the rate and deal offered will depend on your personal circumstances and we understand no two cases are ever the same but we’ll do our best to ensure your application goes through as smoothly and quickly as possible

There are specialist products available including deals not available on the high street and all circumstances are considered. We will do our best to ensure you’re offered the best deal available and could possibly assist even if you’ve been refused elsewhere.

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