£50,000 Mortgage Repayments

Payment tables could be a useful source of information and give an ‘at a glance’ guide to potential monthly repayments, the loan payment tables below show example payments for £50000 loans with interest rates and loan terms for secured loans, bridging loans, buy to let, commercial and residential mortgages.

How much will you pay for a £50,000 mortgage loan?

mortgage repayments for £50,000This is the question most people want the answer to when they're looking at obtaining a mortgage or loan. Hopefully the payment tables on this page will give you an idea of the monthly costs for the different mortgage types listed. If you are looking to remortgage or raise capital, buy a new property for you and your family, or if you are looking at a new property investment, we hope you'll find the payment tables informative. The payments have been worked out using our onsite calculators and should give you an indication of the monthly payments for a mortgage of £50,000, for your convenience we have listed various payment terms and interest rates.

Secured Loans
 Secured loan payments
 4.19 %4.55 %5.9 %
10 years£510.75£519.40£552.59
11 years£473.41£482.16£515.81
12 years£442.39£451.24£485.34
13 years£416.24£425.19£459.74
14 years£393.90£402.95£437.96
15 years£374.62£383.78£419.23
16 years£357.83£367.08£402.99
17 years£343.08£352.43£388.78
18 years£330.03£339.48£376.27
19 years£318.41£327.97£365.20
20 years£308.02£317.68£355.34
21 years£298.67£308.42£346.51
22 years£290.22£300.07£338.59
23 years£282.55£292.50£331.44
24 years£275.57£285.62£324.97
25 years£269.19£279.34£319.10


Mortgage repayments for £50,000

 0.99 %1.5 %3 %
10 years£437.80£448.96£482.80
11 years£399.94£411.13£445.19
12 years£368.40£379.63£413.89
13 years£341.71£352.98£387.46
14 years£318.84£330.15£364.85
15 years£299.03£310.37£345.29
16 years£281.69£293.08£328.22
17 years£266.40£277.83£313.19
18 years£252.81£264.28£299.86
19 years£240.66£252.17£287.97
20 years£229.72£241.27£277.30
21 years£219.83£231.42£267.67
22 years£210.84£222.48£258.95
23 years£202.64£214.31£251.01
24 years£195.12£206.84£243.75
25 years£188.21£199.97£237.11
26 years£181.83£193.63£230.99
27 years£175.93£187.77£225.35
28 years£170.45£182.33£220.13
29 years£165.35£177.28£215.30
30 years£160.59£172.56£210.80

Buy to Let
 £50,000 buy to let mortgage repayments
 1.73 %2.25 %3.8 %
10 years£454.05£465.69£501.49
11 years£416.24£427.95£464.04
12 years£384.76£396.53£432.92
13 years£358.13£369.97£406.67
14 years£335.33£347.23£384.23
15 years£315.58£327.54£364.85
16 years£298.31£310.34£347.96
17 years£283.08£295.18£333.10
18 years£269.56£281.73£319.96
19 years£257.47£269.71£308.24
20 years£246.60£258.90£297.75
21 years£236.77£249.15£288.30
22 years£227.85£240.29£279.75
23 years£219.71£232.23£271.98
24 years£212.26£224.84£264.90
25 years£205.42£218.07£258.43

 Commercial mortgages
 3.45 %4.6 %6 %
10 years£493.26£520.61£555.10
11 years£455.74£483.38£518.35
12 years£424.53£452.48£487.93
13 years£398.20£426.44£462.36
14 years£375.68£404.22£440.62
15 years£356.21£385.06£421.93
16 years£339.24£368.38£405.72
17 years£324.30£353.74£391.55
18 years£311.07£340.81£379.08
19 years£299.27£329.31£368.04
20 years£288.70£319.03£358.22
21 years£279.16£309.79£349.43
22 years£270.53£301.46£341.54
23 years£262.69£293.90£334.42
24 years£255.53£287.03£327.99
25 years£248.97£280.76£322.15
26 years£242.95£275.02£316.84
27 years£237.40£269.76£311.99
28 years£232.28£264.92£307.56
29 years£227.53£260.45£303.50
30 years£223.13£256.32£299.78

Bridging Loans
 Bridging loan mortgages for £50,000
 0.4 %0.75 %1 %
Monthly interest£200.00£375.00£500.00

As bridging loans are interest only, the loan term wouldn’t alter the monthly payments.
Roll up options available – (no monthly payments, interest is paid at the end of the term)

The examples above are for illustrative purposes only and are based on a repayment mortgage over the term selected. This means, subject to paying all fees and maintaining repayments, the loan will be paid off at the end of the term. Additional fees may apply.

The tables on this page do not constitute a loan offer. All loans are subject to status, references and a formal offer from the chosen lender. It's important you always get a specific illustration from the lender and make sure the loan is affordable before acting on any information. We can provide an illustration tailored to your individual needs and circumstances - simply complete the form on this page and we will call you back.

Is a loan of £50,000 affordable for you?

This is probably one of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself when applying for a £50k mortgage or loan - your broker and the lender will asses your income inline with the lenders affordability model, however you also need to be confident you can afford the monthly payments. Lenders tend to work out what you can afford in various different ways, but in short, they will typically use a combination of income multiples (although this is becoming less common) and some form of income calculation. This may simply consist of working out how much money you have left each month once your monthly creditors and debts have been paid or it could be a full income and expenditure assesment (which is becoming the norm), whichever way the lender chooses to assess your affordability, your broker should be able to work with you to find a suitable mortgage or loan depending on your source of income (for example; self employed, PAYE or on contract) and the loan amount.

£50000 loan£50,000 Loans are usually available for any legitimate purpose such as home improvements, development or business purposes.

Payments for a £50,000 secured loan and the rates available will be determined by various aspects of the application, one of the main aspects will be the loan to value (LTV) required – generally speaking, the lower the LTV the better the rate.

As well as secured loans for employed people, we also have access to deals available for self employed so if you are a sole trader, director or on contract it’s likely we may have a product to fit your needs.

£50000 loan – influencing factors

The main areas a lender may look at when determining if they are willing to lend would typically be:

  • The equity available in your property (Loan to value):
    • This is a common problem people face and it is affected by a number of issues – Whilst there may be enough equity on paper, lenders rarely allow 100% of the equity to be drawn down – there could be a cap on the amount of equity a certain loan product could allow.
  • Your employment status:
    • Lenders are happy to lend to both employed and self employed borrowers as long as the loans are affordable, however, the nature of your employment or self employment could affect the amount of equity you can use – for instance if you’re self employed and can’t provide 3 years accountants you may (for example) be limited 85% of your properties equity.
  • Your credit rating and credit profile
    • Your credit rating could affect the deal you’re able to obtain.
  • Your ability to repay
    • The way lenders access affordability varies. Whilst the lender should ensure any loan offered fits their affordability models, as with any loan, it’s important you are comfortable and are sure the loan repayments can be met on an ongoing monthly basis.

What are the next steps in applying for a £50k mortgage or loan?

If you feel like discussing things further, or simply want some advice you should speak to a mortgage or loan professional who has access to the type of finance you are looking for (such remortgage or buy to let).

Whilst mortgage illustrations may be obtained from various sources (such as a bank or building society), getting one that best suits your needs by searching various lenders is made much easier by speaking to a qualified, experienced adviser with access to many lenders. Getting that illustration agreed in principal, then submitting an application and moving onto completion can be daunting for some. There is generally too much information to factor in to make sure someone gets the best deal without speaking to a qualified adviser - Simply applying for a mortgage online will rarely obtain the best results. You should consider your financial attitude to risk and the lending criteria. Lender stress testing for example - which a lender will work into your affordability for a £50,000 mortgage application .

If you would like further information, require an accurate mortgage or loan illustration tailored to your needs or just want to discuss your situation with an experienced professional, simply complete the form below and we will call you back!

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