We are able to offer loan advice to people throughout the UK wanting to apply for loans secured on land or property (typically called a 1st or 2nd charge mortgage), and could be for residential or commercial use.

Applying for a loan is fairly straightforward, with a common sense approach to loan advice, each case is judged on its own merits with as little fuss as possible.

  • Finance arranged throughout the UK
  • Loans for practically any purpose
    • Home improvements
    • Business purposes
    • Raise capital
  • Home improvement Loans
  • All circumstances considered

With access to lenders throughout the UK and specialist deals not available on the high street we could offer help and advice for anybody wanting to raise secured finance.

How does the credit scoring work for personal loans?

Your credit score (or rating) will be based mainly on two aspects, your credit file and the lender application form.

Most lenders would do a credit check when you apply for a loan. Based on the information on your credit file and the application form they could allot you a credit score. Whilst there are similarities in the way lenders score applications, each lender may have slightly different ways of working out your credit score. Different lenders may allot different values to different aspects of your credit file and the information you provide on the application form.

Lenders have different loan options available for most circumstances for both employed & self employed applicants.

Will a loan application harm my credit file?

Not usually no. When you apply for any type of finance the lender would normally do a search with one of the credit reference agencies which will be noted on your file. This should not harm your credit rating unless you apply for lots of different loans with different lenders over a short period of time. For most 2nd charge loans they may carry out what’s called a ‘soft search’, meaning it shouldn’t leave a hard footprint on your credit file.

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